Workout Exercises


When you are going to improve your physical strength, you will need to select a series of workout exercises. These exercises are designed to build strength in your muscles through a series of workouts designed to target different parts of your body. Many people make the mistake of trying to target only one specific part of their body. Doing this will make your workout exercises ineffective over time, as your body will learn the exercises you do, and will adjust how it functions to lower the amount of strain that is put on the muscles. In order to build muscle, you must use the muscle and push it a little further than its current capacity. Stephen Taylor Personal Trainer Cambridge says – ” If you are reusing the same workout exercises over and over, you will teach your muscles how to do those same exercises in such a way where it will become very difficult for you to strengthen your body. This is why having rounded out workout exercises is very important.”

If you want to target your triceps, there are a series of workout exercises that you can do that work the upper body. Neck, shoulder and back exercises are good exercises to partner with triceps exercises, as all of these muscle groups are linked with the arms and how well they function. If you do not have strong neck, shoulder and back muscles, your triceps will not be able to function nearly as well.

However, just building your upper body is not wise. When you are working on workout exercises, you should make certain you balance the strength of your upper and lower body. This is a mistake that is commonly made, as many people will aim for specific results. If you want to become good at sports, this balance is crucial to give you all of the general strength that you require. A runner, for example, does need powerful legs. They also need a strong upper body, with healthy lungs and good endurance. This only achieved by having a strong upper body as well.

If you are in need of workout exercises, start with simple crunches to work your abdominal muscles, then lift light weights to work both of your arm muscles. Neck and shoulder stretches should be used to strengthen this portion of your body, and jogging can be used to build your overall endurance and leg strength. There are many different workout exercises that you can do. Find exercises that are simple to start with and you enjoy. This will make certain that you build the habit of exercising, which will go a long way in making sure you maintain your regime.

What is a Private Investigator?


A Private Investigator is a professional who is hired by law firms, businesses, insurance agencies, private individuals, or other entities to gather intelligence and confirm or disprove information. A Private Investigator can also be known as a PI, private eye, or private detective.

A professional Private Investigator should generally have a law enforcement or security services background or other relevant experience and training that has prepared them to investigate and research.

Examples of when someone might hire a private investigator include investigating suspicion of infidelity, performing personal background checks on potential employees or individuals, investigating the validity of insurance claims or finding missing persons. There are numerous reasons for hiring a private investigator but investigators remain the most effective way to get to the bottom of a complex issue.

Types of Private Investigators

Private investigators can specialise in many different types of investigation, so when hiring an investigator it helps to find one who is experienced in the service you require. For example, if you suspect you are the victim of online fraud, an investigator who is highly experienced in computer forensics will be able to recover digital data, monitor computer usage, and use other methods to discover any potential criminal activities.

A Private Investigator should be able to offer you the following services:

Tracing a Missing Person

Background Checks (including potential dating scam investigations)

Tracing Debtors

Insurance Claim investigations

Matrimonial Surveillance

Relationship Investigations

Discreet Surveillance

Pre-nuptial/relationship Screening

Process Serving

Computer Data Retrieval

These are just a few services that a Private Investigator can offer you. However, each individual case is different and an experienced Private Investigator will sometimes provide a combination of these services in order to obtain the evidence required by the client.

Private Investigators in Film and Television

Below you will find an interview with UK Private Investigator’s principle Investigator regarding a recent TV show. As you will see, not all PIs are stereotypes:

A private investigator’s view on TV drama Jack Taylor

Interview by Laura Barnett
The Guardian, Monday 18 March 2013

‘It does show all the groundwork’ … Jack Taylor.

I have never once, in all my 16 years as a private investigator, been held at gunpoint by a drugs baron in an underground car park. This happens in the third episode of this Irish TV series, starring Iain Glen as private detective Jack Taylor. That’s not to say it couldn’t happen: you do come into contact with some shady characters. But the worst experience I’ve ever had was being shoved up against the wall by my lapels when serving divorce papers.

The first time I tried to watch this, I turned it off after 20 minutes. I just couldn’t stand all the cliches: the heavy-drinking, loner ex-cop. That’s not who I am at all. I’m married with two children, and I’m not a former alcoholic. That said, the first guy I worked for was a lot like Taylor: small flat, never married, no kids. It’s a tough job. I work from 5am to 8pm, seven days a week. It can take a huge toll on relationships. I’m lucky my wife is so understanding.

I enjoyed it much more the second time. It does show all the groundwork we have to put in: people think we sit and type names into Google, but we’re out there, pounding the streets. And although I’ve never taken on a murder case, as Taylor does, missing-person cases are our bread and butter.

The term “private detective” is a bit out of date. I associate it with ex-cops like Taylor, doing private work in their retirement. We do matrimonial and corporate surveillance, pre-employment screening; we prefer the term “private investigator”.

Shows like this are great entertainment, but they do give people the wrong idea. Clients ask me to hack phones and emails, not realising that we only work within the law. I was the same: when I was younger, I loved The Rockford Files. It was a great disappointment to find out I couldn’t just pull up outside a house and expect nobody to notice me. In reality, you drive into a road, see the net curtains twitch, and think: “Where on earth am I going to park?”

Contact UK Private Investigators for a free, no obligation consultation or call us at any time on 0800 043 1754 or +44 20 3784 4458 from outside of The UK, to speak with a Private Investigator. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and all calls are strictly confidential.

Frank Lyman


Frank Lyman started in the fashion industry at the age of 18, as a salesperson. His venture started throughout the provinces of Quebec and Ontario.

The moment he met his first customer, Frank Lyman knew he had a passion for fashion and especially design.

Frank Lyman Design has been a success story in itself but more importantly has become a well-known international brand.

Frank says: “The woman wearing my designs is sure of herself, a little bit rebel and wants to be unique. She is charming and audacious. To accentuate her femininity, she wears dresses and whether she wears a tunic and leggings, she’ll always be seductive and exciting. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my customers for their continued loyalty. I am proud to say that all my collections are 98% manufactured in Canada.”

Frank Lyman dresses are great for everyday, holidays, cruises or add accessories to dress them up for that special occasion.

Frank Usher Dresses



In 1944 Frank Usher was started up during wartime austerity and rationing. It was at a time that all manufacturers needed textile trading coupons to operate. So armed with both coupons and a ready made name of Frank Usher the company was formed.

A first collection of tailor made dresses was produced and sold to a London department store. Success followed quickly as women loved the idea of buying a couture look at realistic prices – especially since Christian Dior had introduced his new look.

Frank Usher opened their first west end showrooms in the mid fifties and started to create a solid UK and international business. The press too got the Frank Usher bug, and Vogue featured many Frank Usher Dresses modelled by such luminaries of the day such as actress Kay Kendall and top model Barbara Goalen.

During the sixties and seventies when swinging London was at its peak, the label was going from success to success. There is a film, made in the late sixties, called Blazes Away it usually comes round on the BBC at Christmas time and stars dame Maggie Smith. It is set in a couture boutique and Frank Usher designed the wardrobe for the entire film – its always wonderful to see the beautiful styles of that era.

Vintage Frank Usher is always being featured in the press, and a recent article on Liberty’s vintage department cited Frank Usher as being one of the most coveted collector’s labels.

The eighties and nineties saw the steady growth of the export market, to over fifty countries, with two prestigious UK export awards presented by her Royal Highness the Princess Royal at award ceremonies held at the Mansion house.

Her Royal Highness recently visited the Frank Usher Mayfair Showroom in her capacity as President of UK fashion exports.

It was a really lovely afternoon, arranged like a giant English tea party – attendance by clients from Germany, Italy, Spain, Gibralter, Sweden, the Middle East, Ireland as well as Harrods and assorted boutiques. Her Royal Highness was great as she spoke at length with each of the seventy people there.

In the past five years new Frank Usher businesses, under license, have been formed-couture umbrellas, and jewellery, which is sold through shopping channel, QVC.

The Frank Usher group has four labels.

Frank Usher, a label renowned for timeless elegance, which covers all events from a day at the races, a wedding party or red carpet dressing.

Dusk a super sexy collection and favourite with the TV celebrities.

Coterie is the couture label that society ladies turn to for their special events.

Frank Usher Destination Bridal: This new and exciting Destination Bridal Collection is tailored towards weddings abroad or for the bride-to-be that requires a simple elegant styling.

The group always try and create interest in different ways – such as the series of successful fashion teas at the Grosvenor house hotel – they are so well received as the tea timers are able to take pleasure in a fashion show whilst enjoying their champagne tea. The dresses are displayed at jeeves of Belgravia, the posh dry cleaner with a Royal warrant. It creates really good interest as they have such great locations throughout London.

The Frank Usher Group is always keen to support charity and lends support to the brain tumour research campaign-a charity that provides seed – funding into the causes of brain tumours. Their ultimate goal is to create an inernational research centre of excellence at Imperial College and Charing Cross hospital.

Last year they held a very successful ball and always get the help of beautifully dressed celebrities, by Frank Usher of course! Who add their valuable suppport to the event – this results in great press coverage and awareness for the charity.

How to be the Perfect Mother of the Bride?


Being the Mother of the Bride is a role that is most satisfying on one hand and highly demanding on the other. Playing the part of the mother of the bride involves a lot of empathy and care that your daughter will be expecting from you. Be your natural self and feel happy that your daughter is getting married; everything else will fall in place.

Help With a Realistic Budget

Your little one may never have been out shopping for wedding. So, the price tags attached to everything might come as a shock for her. Sit with her and help her to plan out a realistic budget.

The Bride’s Choice Reigns

Helping with the planning does not mean you will have a word for each and every matter under consideration. Remember, it is her wedding and her choice will reign supreme. Give her space and try not to be over-bearing or bossy.

Coordinating the Planning

A physical distance between you and your daughter can be perfectly bridged by coordinated planning. Use an online planner which you can both access so that your ideas are always connected and you do not miss sharing important information with each other.

Be There When She Needs You

You are her mother and will always remain the ultimate source of comfort. Lend your ears to her, even when you think that she is being unreasonable. Never tell her you are busy; that will create an insecurity in her mind.

A Positive Attitude is So Much Fun

Your daughter’s wedding is indeed much hard work, but it is so much fun when you treat the chores as a new and exciting experience. Convert the work into family gatherings and fun time; you will be amazed at how pleasant the involvement becomes.

Involve the Groom’s Family

Both the families of the bride and the groom need to be a part of the wedding planning. Take the initiative, as mother of the bride, to involve them. Your daughter will feel happy and comfortable when you get along well.

Stay Keen and Alert

Keep an eye open for anything new in the wedding market. A new fashion or idea can give that special touch to your daughter’s wedding which she will be so excited about.

From Reece Urchin’s desk: Couples Counselling


Ok, here’s the thing: Many people are raised to think of themselves as being individuals. This however can pose problems in a marriage as this is a partnership between two people. In this partnership each person needs to work with each other. When this partnership breaks down the couples need counseling. There are many avenues available for couples counselling and you must find one that works for you.

While seeking counselling is a good idea there are facts that must be realized. The most important fact is that only the couple can make the marriage actually work even with counselling. The couples counselling is there for both parties to talk with each other.

This not talking may be one of the reasons for the marriage failing as there is a lack of communication. This is another fact that many couples fail to take into account in a marriage. The other reason why many marriages fail is due to unrealistic expectations. These expectations can put a lot of strain on the marriage as neither person can fulfill these expectations.

Of course the biggest obstacle to a marriage is the fact that marriage is not a fairy tale with a happily ever after. What marriage is, is two totally separate individual who have pledged to work together. This means they need to talk over the problems in their life together.

Sometimes counsellors will advocate the couple working together on social projects. By working with other people your life can be given a new purpose. The qualities that emerge from this work can remind both of you why you got married. There is another way of making sure that your see your life together for what it really is.

This is by joining a support group. At these support groups you will come across other couples who are going through similar problems. The ways that they solve these problems will show you ways that you can try to make your marriage work. You and your partner will see what sort of problems the various couples around you have. Knowing about these problems can help put your problems into a better perspective.

The various insights that you can get from couples counselling all carry the keys to saving your marriage. You however are the only people who can make this happen. From the conversations that you have in the counseling, you have the needed tools to make your marriage work again.

What is then needed is for both of you to decide just how much you want to stay married. Once you have answered this question realistically you can let the advice from couples counselling work for you.

From Reece Urchin’s desk: How to make an Ant Farm


Ok, here’s the thing: Ants are very hard working and social insects. They are very organized and divide their work by designating tasks to each set of labors. It’s very interesting to see ants at work, how they build colonies, collect food and perform various other activities in a structured way.

An ant farm is a man made artificial ant colony which is built either as a hobby or for research. Many children build ant farms as they find it intriguing to watch ants go about their daily activities.

It’s quite simple to build an ant farm. So if your child wants to build one then make sure you assist them as there can be risk of ant bites. If you are building ant farms for the first time then avoid using dangerous types of ants such as fire ants or harvesting ants.

You can either buy or build an ant farm container. If you are building it then you can use tennis ball containers. It should have a tight fitting lid. You also need garden soil or dampened sand or composite, depending on the color of the ants used for easy viewing.

You need to collect ants. You can get them from under dried logs or you could order them. All you need to do is drop sugar syrup in a jar and wait for ants to arrive. Then you need to capture the queen. They are much larger than the worker ants and are often surrounded by larvae. It can be difficult to capture queen as it involved ant bites. So keep children away from ants.

You can locate the ant farm in your yard. Place the soil or composite along with ants into the container. Then you need to feed your ants. You can feed them sweet sugary syrup like maple syrup, honey or sugar mixed in water.

Ants can go without food for a while but they’ll die overnight without water. Ants need water to survive so always keep the soil damp in the ant farm and keep away from direct sunlight.

Do not flood the colony with water as that will kill the ants. Secure the ant farm with a tight lid so that the ants don’t escape. You can open the lids once a day to allow fresh air or punch pin holes for air circulation, but make sure the holes are very tiny. If you do not want to cover the ant farm then smear Vaseline on the edges to prevent ants from leaving the farm.

From Reece Urchin’s desk: Teeth whitening


Ok, here’s the thing: Maybe teeth whitening is just a problem of our modern times, but the more advanced technologies have become, the higher the demand for such interventions has got too. There is fast becoming a compulsive obsession that some people regard their teeth condition in terms of color, and this “craze” has been widely picked up by cosmetic product manufacturers, so that the market is presently flooded by all sorts of teeth whitening kits. From whitening strips to trays, gels and brush-on teeth whitening, we definitely have a wide range of options to choose from and now laser therapies are the latest thing in terms of new innovations in the field.

Why do people feel they need special teeth whitening? Why isn’t proper mouth hygiene and the use of a fluoride toothpaste enough? There is a whole set of factors that affect oral health and influence teeth condition; if you answer yes to the following questions, then you have the answer as to why we need teeth whitening. Do you smoke? Do you drink coffee or fizzy drinks? Do you like eating sugary sweets? Is your diet poor in greens? Do you sometimes neglect to brush teeth regularly? People have always had a problem with teeth whitening and there are some traditional old-fashioned methods that can still be used today.

For teeth whitening, lemon or lime juice together with salt were considered to be highly effective and you’d be surprised that trying this at home will actually reduce the dull look of your teeth. Nevertheless, results do not last for too long a time, and salt is presently considered to actually affect the thickness of the natural teeth enamel. A white shine of the teeth was also achieved by rubbing the inner part of an orange peel on the parts with a yellowish tint. There are many more examples and their regular home use may prove to be quite efficient for teeth whitening in general.

Given the fact that we most often want immediate and long-lasting results if possible, the handiest choice remains the purchase of teeth whitening kits available in supermarkets, online and in the high street chemist’s shop. Prevention of dental sensitivity whether for teeth or for gums is essential and can be achieved by the use of oxygenating toothpaste or oral washes that strengthen the soft mouth parts, eliminating the risk of tissue damage. The bleaching agent in home teeth whitening kits should not be swallowed, therefore make sure that you use it very carefully so as to get good whitening results without damaging your health.